Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Paolo Bediones Video Scandal? Is this another video scandal after Hayden, Chito and Wally?

According to the reports another scandal was release online like early last year when we saw the philippine entertainment shocked by the news that there was a Chito Miranda scandal video circulating around the web and then another one followed when Wally Bayola scandal hits the net, and after months of countless waiting are we in for another surprise? yet another so called video scandal this time by the tv host personality in the name of Paolo Bediones? earlier social media sites were all fired up when a video involving a man resembling tv news anchor Paolo Bediones go viral were in the so called video went about 6 minutes and 44 second of non-stop action showed 2 people on an intimate moments were a familiar looking guy who looks like Paolo Bediones while the woman was unidentified in a bedroom with a video on it. From now on since the video went viral, most probably a lot of people will now feast on this malicious video while others will take it to their advantage as the smear to degrade the guy continues while Paolo Bediones reputation will be at stake. This is truly another moments in philippine entertainment were people are really not learning the lesson's of the past or is it because they are not protected at all or is it because of their own acts in such a way they want it intentionally? but the thing is people are people and for sure they don't want their private videos leaked online or better yet went viral coz is it too embarrassing and degrading not only to their loved ones but to themselves as well. So like my advocacy in the past still holds true up to this days, stop making video of yourself or stop making a video scandal because the culprits are just out there waiting for a chance to get your video and leaked them at all so you'll become an internet sensation, in a manner:-)