Friday, August 15, 2014

Is there really a Paolo Bediones Video Scandal Part 2?

This just in, a Paolo Bediones video scandal part 2 is now circulating anew amidst the fact that the first video had died out but it seems another so called alleged video of Paolo Bediones part 2 emerges and is now taking the cyber world by storm, is this some sort of a blackmail against this guy or simply a hate campaign? well bottom line is weather there is another new video unleashed today as some claimed which lasted for about 16 minutes and 13 seconds, and if this is true then it's obvious that this is another unlawful acts of who ever did this because it is not right to upload someone's video especially if it is privately labeled and a pure acts of adult thing. It is really creating a devaluation in our moral society today that this kind of videos being shown all over the net which is why this has to stop but how can you stop something that is online? So bottom line is never ever, ever, make a video scandal no matter what because like what i've said over and over and over again that the culprits are just waiting to seize the moment for you to become an overnight sensation not in a positive way, at least.